Coconut Oil Miracle

Often times when we think of “energy foods”, we think of carbohydrates. Fats contain energy as well, except there are two problems with most dietary fats.

There is also a problem with eating too many carbs for energy.

Carbs often cause a blood sugar spike which then releases insulin into the system. When insulin is present, the body is in “fat storage mode”…it can’t burn body fat. This is why those low-carb diets such as Atkins or the Paleo diet are effective for fat loss. The downside of those diets is being in a state of low energy.

Coconut oil is a special type of fat that rapidly gets used for energy.

The medium-chain triglyceride fat that coconut oil is made up for gets used as energy by the body…but without the insulin spike caused by carbs…and without being stored as fat by the body like other fats.

Coconut oil can raise your metabolism?

Protein has been known to have a higher thermogenic effect than carbs.  When you eat protein, your body will rev up to burn more calories. According to Bruce Fife, coconut oil has an even greater metabolic effect. One food that can rev up your metabolism even more than protein is coconut oil. The MCFAs shift the body’s metabolism into high gear, so to speak so that you burn more calories. Because MCFAs increase metabolic rate, coconut oil is a dietary fat that can actually promote weight loss!

Coconut oil actually helps you burn off other fats in your diet as well.

Not only will coconut oil get rapidly burned for fuel when consumed, but it can also improve the burning of other fats in your diet. For example, cooking eggs in coconut oil will help you utilize the fat from the eggs as energy as well as the coconut oil.

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