Hungry Drink Up – Dieting Tips with Liquids

If you have ever wondered about the hardcore dieters and their water bottles, here is a secret: Successful dieters drink lots of water. There are several reasons why they do this. First, water gets the metabolism going. It is true that the colder the water is, the harder your body has to work to use it. Second, water aids in digestion. Go a few days without drinking enough water and see how uncomfortable you feel and how often you have gone to the bathroom to check more than your liquid assets. Third, water can help you feel full for longer. Fourth, there are times when you are likely mistaking feelings of thirst for feelings of hunger. 

Go, Metabolism, Go

Whenever you eat food, your body has the option of burning that food for fuel, storing it for later energy or storing it in fat cells. The higher you keep your metabolism revved up, the faster you burn through the food in your system and the less likely you will be to store any of it as fat chocolate slim. Drinking water, especially ice water, acts as a catalyst to the body and fires it up, getting it ready for more energy. That is why when you are feeling a little sluggish you should get a big glass of ice water and gulp it down.

Go, Body, Go

Not to be indelicate here, but if you are not digesting your food properly, things tend to, well, back up. Without water, you do not break down food particles well enough and they make it to the end of the line in hard, dry masses that are difficult to deal with. Drinking enough water keeps progress moving along, smooth and easy.

No, Seconds, No

If you just ate a meal an hour ago, but you find yourself rooting around in the refrigerator, can you really say that you are hungry? When was the last time that you had something to drink? So many people cannot tell the difference between thirst and hunger because they are almost constantly feeling one (thirst) and never allow themselves to feel the other (hunger) at all. Take a day and learn to recognize the feeling of true hunger. Do not eat right away. Miss a meal. Miss two meals. How do you feel? That growling sensation in the pit of your stomach is hunger. Most of the time what you are feeling is thirst. Drink a glass of water or two, wait twenty minutes and see if you still feel like eating. If you do, then ask yourself if you are bored, mad, sad, and so on. If you are not eating out of boredom or an emotional trigger, have a small snack and then get out of the kitchen until your next regular meal.

More, Water, More

There is no magic amount of water that we should drink every day. The basic fact is that most of us need to drink more. So if you are drinking zero and add one glass per day, you have technically accomplished the goal of adding more. What works for one person may be too much or too little for another. Keep a bottle of water near you and take a drink as often as possible. If you feel like you are sloshing around, you have drunk too much water; pull back next time. Try to make water a daily part of your life not only for your weight loss goals but for all-around better health. 

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