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As you know, I consider it crucial to one’s weight loss success to have someone close to you, and similar, who has gone ahead and achieved their True Weight Goal. Then you don’t have to visualize your success alone and in some vague, Law of Attraction visualization. You can physically see the happy results and watch how that person’s life improves as a consequence. I went back to my friend, for advice on the second half of my own weight loss success journey (with the Dukan Diet, in case anyone forgot!!:) and received this reply – which I propose to live by:-

Basically I just kept on going the same way. In a lifetime of dieting, I have developed a hypothesis (borne out by things I’ve read) that eating LESS will cause your body to go into panic mode, thinking it is REALLY starving now, and you will ironically sabotage your weight loss. The only change I can recall making, was adding a second walk later in the day. (The dogs were perhaps my bigger motivation.) I did not significantly up the exertion level (although trying to walk briskly); I just added the second outing on 4 of 7 days. Not sure whether that was a key component of my success or not.

IMHO: On all protein days, don’t worry about quantity. Rather, focus on sticking with the pure proteins, like egg whites, fish, and white meat poultry. Avoid too much dairy. No more than two servings per day, preferably one. Eat a nice-sized egg white omelette with your oat bran. Eat plenty of quality turkey or whatever for lunch. Have 12 ounces or more of white fish for dinner. (Don’t eat too late at night: 7 at the latest). Then on veggie days, add spinach, or celery, peppers & onions to your omlette. Find veggies that you can enjoy with your lunch & dinner. Eat plenty of those, and eat no more than a few ounces of the meat. (7-8oz)

Don’t use any prepared “low carb” products. Stick with whole foods that you prepare yourself.

I think maybe psychologically, you should treat this second half as the first half, and start it off with a 3-day attack phase (as I have suggested). Pretend you are starting from this point. Then follow the diet as I have suggested here. Keep up the walking & swimming, but don’t obsess on working harder.

Well, I’m not sure I can face 3 days of Attack all over again. However, I will do Dr. Dukans’ 60 minute booster walk for 4 days. I have a few podcasts to catch up on. Maybe I’ll save the attack for the next plateau. Eek!

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